I’m Back, back, back, back, back……

After a long hiatus, let’s give it one more shot, this time from a new shore, and fittingly a dusty one at that. Like the dirt of the diamond, we are living in the desert now, but still near the shore, a few short miles from the Arabian Sea shore. Not much baseball played here in the middle of the east, far form the Far East, from whence we came last, and just as far from the west, from whence we were before, on the Jersey shore, some 7 seasons ago.  Ruwais, if you can find it on the map, I applaud you, and welcome back to this blog, and welcome back to the baseball of my mind. And still…………Always a Tiger.Q7S4KF6HMVERBKNFHIYAQZVDSM

The right Price for a King…..Ting bu dong

screen-shot-2014-08-06-at-7-57-56-amI tried as I might to watch the game today. I am a slave to the splotchy at best internet here in rural China. I sometimes listen or watch live, most days I catch it hours or 1/2 day later, but often without knowing the results. Some days are better than others, and a rainy Sunday morning as not a good one to choose to watch what I thought could be one of the key pitching match ups of the year. Price’s Comerica Park debut vs King Felix, who has been on a historical run this year, and on top of it, the Mariners are up on the Tigers in the , gulp, wild card race, yikes. I sat through 30 tough minutes of the game starting and stopping, still not knowing the results, damn internet, did Price dominate with his power, or did King Felix reign supreme? This is how life is here in rural China, never what you want, rarely what you need, often much better than what you could imagine, and about half the time frustrating as shit, no matter the outcome. I just wated to sit back, and watch the game. No mas. Mayo. Bu hou. Wo bu hou baseball. Ting bu dong mofo. And if you understand any on that, I will buy you several rounds of Tsingtao next we meet. So apparently it was the right Price today, and so far……22.2 in, 16 h, 8 runs, 6 BB, 23 so with the Tigers, and today dominating with power as usual, and it was checkmate for the king, ending his run of dominance (only made it 5 innings). Good to read about it, great win. lets go Tigers!!!

I’m back, for now………….lets get in on in ‘tember

miggy bloodylife happens, and then it happens again, then I post again, then the Royals are in first place. What? I feel like it has either been a long time coming, or it is a long strange trip we have been on. Miggy sub par Miggy, JV getting old?, and our retooled lineup, well, getting tooled. I was worried about the Tigers being too old, and even if we whee “faster”, that the younger A’s, Royals, O’s, Angels, etc, would overcome us. BUT, all that being said, I still place my money on the 3 last Cy Youngs, as well as the last 3 MVPs!! I would not bet against the Tigers at this point, and I feel like we still have either a Cy or an MVP coming again this year. Jim Johnson, called up today, should help solidify our weak pen, and once Soria and Anibel male it back…..lets bring back the passion…lets bring back the blood……lets get it on……….its gonna be on in ‘tember!!!!!! Go Tigers!!!

who is that fish from southern Jersey again?

While the Tigers official report day is today, Miggy has been in lakeland all week, eager to get a jump on this year already, and yes, the MVP showed up to camp early.

“I feel free, like I can do anything right now..” I don’t know about you, but even with the normal spring cockiness, this is nothing but good news for the Tigers.

How will Miggy fare without the portly Prince hitting behind him in the lineup? Well with most guys you might expect some drop in production, but we will see what we get from the reigning two time MVP, his slugging was only 2nd in the leage in the two years pre-prince, and 1st the last two with him, but Miggy does seem to be improving with age, no pun intended.

One thing I will miss, is Fielders game from the lineup, he showed up everyday, he missed less than 15 games in his first 8 full years in the league, and NEVER missed a game as a Tiger!!!!  but Miggy is no slouch, he missed only 18 games in his first 5 years with the Tigers before last year where he, ONLY, played in 148 games!! (but still produced 44 HRs, 137 RBIs, only 2 RBIs short of his Triple Crown performance of 2012!!! His slugging percentage was actually 30 points HIGHER, BA 18 points higher last year than his triple crown year, same HRs though, what a slouch, again……..whats that guys name from southern Jersey????????? some kind of fish???

rainbowtrout fig2


lets play too, Theo

well, I’m back, only this time I’m living in China. Circumstances have led me back here, to launch my thoughts into internet space, since I am convinced no one is listening, which is fine by me. I will amuse myself and anyone listening with interesting stories, facts, or whatever, going forward, mostly on the Tigers, but maybe not. So lets play too.

To start off, a fascinating article from Theodore Olbermann, and yes I am not using his first name. i love him as a baseball fan, because at his core truly believe thats what he is, even if he is a Yankee fan, but I never liked him as a “news” anchor, not because of his political views, but for some reason I could never take him seriously, and thought he was horrible at it, and so ever since he became a talking news head, I changed his name, so Theo Olberman is my way of holding his image outside of the newsie I so dislike. Great story though involving my favorite baseball person of all time, Mr. Robinson, proving once again Theo, that Terence was right.


AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Tigers
AL West: Texas
Wildcard: Tampa Bay
AL Champ: Tigers
AL MVP: Josh Hamilton
AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander

NL East: Phillies
NL Central: Cards
NL West: Dodgers
Wildcard: Arizona
NL Champ: Dodgers
NL MVP: Kemp
NL Cy Young: Roy Haliday

World Series Champs: Tigers