Thanks Dad.

Not sure if anyone will be reading
this, but I wanted to put something out there to share my thoughts, no matter
how crazy, uninformative, or just plain sad they may be, about my beloved
Detroit Tigers and baseball in general. It is journey, that has connected me to my dad, and I hope to share and pass that same things on to my kids.

Over the years, my sports team
allegiances have changed in football, basketball, hockey, you name it. I
changed some due to geographic preferences, knowing someone on the team or farm
system,  or just plain being exhausted of ineptness. The best example was
dumping the Detroit Lions in the mid 90s for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
 This was mainly due to the ineptness of the Lions management and coach
Wayne Fontes to surround Barry Sanders with a support cast. The Buccaneers where
the logical choice; geographically because I was stationed in Orlando at the
time, and Vince Workman was in the backfield and returning punts at the time
for them, he was from my hometown and I played Pop Warner with his little

BUT, to quote a great baseball movie, and it really
applies here because it is my father who gave me the Tigers, “The 
one constant through all the years, Ray, has been
.” Living in Toledo, OH in the late 70s, my father, who grew up in
Detroit, would answer every Tigers trivia question on the Tigers station, which
would be on all the time in the kitchen.  It was just plain amazing to me,
that someone knew that much about things, and he was my dad.  It is those
earliest memories that have stuck with me.  This was also about the time
of the building of the Bless You Boys, and following them with my dad to the
glorious season of 1984 sealed me in for life.  While my dad has become a
big sports cynic these days, he is still, as am I, and will always be a Tiger.
Thanks dad



  1. swedengirl

    Hey! My name is Suzette, i´m 18years old, and i live sweden. I have started a project, to fight cancer with the help from baseball fans.
    So why did i get this idea? Hmm, my granddad have lung cancer, and it´s quit bad, and my dads very good friend Stephanie (a big baseball fan) have it to, and i didn´t now how to help them, but then my daddy got this idea, For every homerun your team hits you donate 1$, and after the season i donate it to If this sounds good, plz check my blog or send me an e-mail so i can tell you more about it!

    GO CUBS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Help us fight cancer

  2. patsnutt

    I always enjoyed finding Philly connections with teams and the Tigers are a favorite,Did you know every Tiger manager that won a World Series has a Philly history.I was an Al Kaline fan as a kid.I rooted in 68 because Mayo Smith was steering the team after he managed the Phils,Later Tony the Tiger arrived(Taylor),Sparky Anderson was a Phillie rookie.Mickey Cochrane was a catcher with the A’s. Steve O’neill managed the Phils.Who could forget Willie Hernandez and the year he put together in 84 after helping the Phils to the World Series in 83. It’s been fun .I’ll be back.

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