no body likes a tease

Thumbnail image for zumaya_middle.jpgIt is way, way, way, let me reiterate that, way too early in camp to be teasing me with Zumaya and Bonderman PR.  

For one, all Tiger fans have been teased and burned by Jeremy Bonderman too many times.  He is no longer the wunderkid, and not of wonder for his intelligence mind you; I think, and have thunk since early 2007, that his arm is mush.  What do you expect from a guy who threw over 900 innings by the time he was 25.  Bondo will always have a place in my heart, along with the gambler, Kenny Rogers, for their performance in the playoffs against the Yankees in 2006. But until he gets some real meaningful innings under his belt, please don’t tease me Jason Beck.
Joel Zumaya. I can speak form experience here, because 8 years ago, I had a very similar surgery as Joel had on his shoulder last year.  Not that the quality of surgeries or rehab or desire or athleticism or  most anything else can really be compared, it is just I fell his pain, literally.  As hard as he throws, often not a pitch under 100 mph in appearances in the past, I have a hard time believing he will ever be the Zumaya of old. Not that a slightly toned down Zumaya isn’t bad, it just isn’t the same as hitting 104 on you first pitch of the 2006 ALCS, and I am sorry Joel, while you may have a future as a Guitar Hero, I am not sure it will ever be as the most intimidating pitcher in baseball. 
And for you Jason Beck, please tone down your early spring rhetoric about these two, because nobody likes a tease.


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    DUDE!…that place in your heart for Kenny Rogers? It’s a tumor.
    Kenny Rogers? Really? I know he pitched very well that series, with his little glob of goo aside, but Kenny Rogers?
    signed…A Met fan who can’t quite surpress the image of Kenny Rogers walking in the winning run, giving the Braves the 1999 NLCS victory over us. His Yankee years were complete folly. In fairness I also remember an effective Texas Rangers pitcher too.

  2. tigerfaninnj

    Dude, look, I don’t care what Kenny Rogers did when he was a Met or a Ranger, and trust me I hear it a lot form the Met fans still to this day around here, but Kenny Rogers, goop and all, performance against the Yankees, when he was hitting his fast-ball in the mid 90s, MID 90s?, thats right, the intensity and competitiveness that night, one of my all time favorite pitching performances in Tiger history, more on that later.

  3. Will Overton

    I am right there with you on Kenny Rogers. I was at that playoff game against the Yankees and it was absolutely remarkable. And because of that I will have positive memories of Kenny Rogers.

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