AL Predicts, Edicts, and just plain *****

A week behind on getting the junior circuit predictions out, and I do apologize.  I have some good excuses.  Last weekend was my fantasy draft for one of my leagues, which I am happy to report, for the first time in my 3 yr history in this league, (the league had been around for almost 20 yrs, yes I said 20) I am extremely happy with the results of the draft.  More on that later.

East: Yankees, Boston, Tampa, Baltimore, Toronto. As much as I hate the evil empire, man are they good.  Have to respect that. Grandy hits 40 HRs.
Central: Tigers, Twins, White Sox, KC, cleveland.  I have to pick my boys, but its gonna be tight with the Twins, but I am hoping for snow in April and September in the twin cities. KC doesn’t finish last.
West: Angles. As, Seattle, Texas. Who else is gonna win the west?
Wild Card: Boston. Duh.
MVP: Miguel Cabrera. This first week is just a glimpse, he’s gonna be a monster this year, sorry A-Roid. 
Cy Young: Grinke. He is just plain damn good.  
Tigers over Phillies in the Series.  And I get to see my first WS in person.  Boo-Ya.

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