lets play too, Theo

well, I’m back, only this time I’m living in China. Circumstances have led me back here, to launch my thoughts into internet space, since I am convinced no one is listening, which is fine by me. I will amuse myself and anyone listening with interesting stories, facts, or whatever, going forward, mostly on the Tigers, but maybe not. So lets play too.

To start off, a fascinating article from Theodore Olbermann, and yes I am not using his first name. i love him as a baseball fan, because at his core truly believe thats what he is, even if he is a Yankee fan, but I never liked him as a “news” anchor, not because of his political views, but for some reason I could never take him seriously, and thought he was horrible at it, and so ever since he became a talking news head, I changed his name, so Theo Olberman is my way of holding his image outside of the newsie I so dislike. Great story though involving my favorite baseball person of all time, Mr. Robinson, proving once again Theo, that Terence was right.

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