I was actually watching the game the other day when Miggy took the bad hop. At first, it didn’t seem that bad, then I started to get that same feeling in my stomach when Victor whent down early this year. You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Am I the only one who has that I feel like things are going to well, and somethings going to happen? I knock on wood everyday.

All bloodied up, he didn’t look like a prize fighter that Jimmy Leland referred to, he looked like he had just got his ass kicked in the back ally.

Heal up Miggy, here’s to this being the first clip of your MVP season!!!!!


some young guy

Gotta love this, http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/cards-broadcast-hilariously-fails-identify-team-second-best-165658778.html

Oscar Taveras is not just some young guy, he is a top prospect with the Cards.

Well, don’t be a grouch Oscar, someday this will make TWIB notes, or sports center when you are circling the bases like Stan the Man once did under the arch.

Missing the Grandy Man, and baseball in Nuclear Power??

Today I heard a organizational behavior professional describe the main control room of a nuclear power plant like a baseball field. At first, you would think what does an HR person, a org behavior professor, know about nuclear power, well nothing, yet everything. She was an observer of our behaviors and team interactions, and she needs to know nothing about splitting atoms to do that for sure. I learned more baout my teams performance from her 5 min debrief, than I did from a dozen so called “experts”. It’s good to see things form a different perspective once in a while, it helps to see the forest for the trees.  Life’s like that, and as one of my hero’s said, “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Then tonight I saw one of my favorite players in baseball, well probably in all of professional sports, and once a Tiger, always a Tiger, unfortunately now a Yankee, Curtis Granderson’s new commercial. He is from Chicago, I was born there. He values learning and education, as do I. Just a few of this things that help me connect to him.He said, “I am a student of the game, I am a student of life, and I will never stop learning at both.” Curtis, I miss you, and I ditto your motto, and today, I was a student not only of my game, but of life. Thanks Grandy Man.


Who’s on 2nd? Who’s my Tiger?

Reports out of lakeland indicate my favorite Tiger, Brandon Inge, the gun slinger, will compete for a shot at 2nd base. I love this guy, he just loves baseball. He reminds me of Craig Biggio, without the bat, and a bigger arm. He loves to compete, was been nothing but solid at the corner for the Tigers, but never has found his groove for more than a few weeks at the plate.  Opening day center fielder in 08, remember 2009 start?  successfully reaching base 24 games in a row, making the All Star team as last man in, Brandon Inge!!!, in the All Star game??  2010 Marvin Miller Man of the Year. A true family man, Tatoos of his sons name on his arms, what is not to love about this guy? I for one think he will be the opening day starter at 2nd base.  You go Brandon Inge, always a Tiger!!!!

A svelt Venezuelan at the corner?

A slimmed down Miggy? Reports from Alex Avila indicate Migs is down 20-25 lbs this off season. For one I will believe it when I see it, but It still puts him at 250, but at 270 he is one of if not the best hitter in MLB. So will it affect his hiting, his power, maybe steal a few bases? Historically, has slimming down ever increased anyone’s effectiveness at the plate, or in the field? I will find out. We will find out.

A Prince, a pauper, and Victor(y)

Some may wonder how another Fielder ends up in Detroit. I often wonder if Scott Boras has a hotline to Mike Illitch’s checkbook.  But this much I know, Illitich craves a World Series win, and he has wanted little prince on his team since, well, he was little prince.

“I know Mr. Ilitch is probably excited,” Cecil Fielder said. “He’s been wanting that kid since he was a little kid, so he finally got his wish.”

And there a lot of haters out there right now of this deal, but just step back a minute and think about this…..

The Tigers were 11th in total team salary last year at 105 million…behind the likes of the White Sox, the Cubs, the Mets, and the Twins.

Tigers should be somewhere in 130 million range…Compare a 200+ million payroll for the Yankees, and see how that worked out for them in the playoffs

Tigers will now have 3 players making over 20 million: JV, Miggy, and Prince- not a bad combo, compare that with top 3 of ANY team in majors

Prince has the LEAST number of missed games in MLB since 2006, played EVERY game in 2009 and 2011, and oh, only 161 in 2010…so much for a fatty

Prince has finished 3rd 2x in MVP vote, 4th once

In seven full seasons, Fielder has averaged 38 home runs, 33 doubles and 94 walks a season.

2011- 15 AB/HR, best in NL

Pitch around Prince to get to Miggy? or will it be around Miggy to get to Prince?

So poor poor Victor right? Not likely. If things work out right, Victor will be back in mid september, preparing for another long, and hopefully longer, playoff run.