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AJ, A-Jax, what ever you call him….

Of course it is still too early to
anoint this kid our leadoff answer, but he is starting to impress, even me.  Yesterdays impressive
at bats withstanding, two triples in the win, this kid is showing up every at bat
at the plate, batting .429 thus far. 
What is most impressive to me thus far is, he is doing what a leadoff
man should do, GET ON BASE.  Not
that Gradnerson didn’t do that, but it seemed like he was rounding the base
paths more than he was burning them up. 
AJ, as I like to call him, or A-Jax as the media refers to him, is leading
the team with a .515 OBP, and more walks than SO (5/4). 

Even Leyland is impressed,

“The thing I’m most impressed with so far, knock on wood, is
he hasn’t swung at bad balls. He’s laid off some pretty tough pitches. That’s
pretty impressive for a youngster. That’s a good sign for him.”

And hopefully a good sign for the Tigers.