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Welcome, Johnny Baseball

Damon as Tiger.jpgWhat a dreadful winter it has been, having to linger over the thought of the final weeks collapse of the Tigers, culminating in a gut punch on that 163rd day, a november nor’easter kindly relocating thousands of gallons of water to my basement, twice over two feet of snow dropped in my yard, and the Tigers trading baseball’s ambassador, my favorite player, Curtis Granderson, Grandy to those who love him, to the evil empire. 

How would I, and the Tigers, get over this? Lots of shoveling, help from my neighbor Art and his snow-blower, putting in a sump pump in my basement (still in progress), and as far as the Tigers, a bit of mourning and reopening of the checkbook by Pizza Pizza (Tigers owner and founder of Little Caesars).
Lets never ever talk about the 163rd game again, please.  Never have I experienced highs and lows in the same sporting event in my life, and it ended at the lowest. The 87 championship series comes close, but I was only 12 then. 2006 WS, that was close too, but I was so wrapped up at work in an outage, I didn’t get to watch a pitch.
I may never get over the Granderson in a Yankee uniform, but in a turn of event, Johnny Baseball has come to town.  How or why he left New York, I don’t care. He’s a Tiger now, and him in the two spot, or at the top of the order, makes me happy. He gets on base and scores runs (2000-2008 3rd in runs scores, 7th in hits & SB).  So he is 36, I will be too this year, and I have not entered my prime yet. He still has wheels, and what we need is for him to get on base and protect Mags, and let Miggy drive them in.  I predict 130+ RBI for Cabrera this year, and a lot of them will be sending Damon across the plate.  Welcome, Johnny Damon to Detroit.