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Robertson pops phills bubble

Nate Robertson, whose big league bubble gum antics in 06 will go down in Tigers history as one of the best team building stories I can remember, continued his success back with the Marlins by blanking the Philadelphia Phillies. He struck out 4, walked 4, and gave up 4 hits in 6 and 2/3. 

Just a note on Nate, in  my 12 team, NL only auction draft, Nate was my last “fill in” roster add for $1.  

I haven’t had that “bubble gum” feeling spring training 07, but then it was quickly shattered in the horrendous start to begin the regular season.  I thought maybe something was growing with the couple of come from behind victories to start this season, but after loosing 2/3 to the royals and mariners, well, I am a bit worried.  
We will see how this next 4 weeks goes, with series vs. Twins (2) Angles (2), Yankees and Red Sox, with a Ranger and Indians (Fausto Carmona anyone?) series mixed in there.  If we end up .500 or better on this 4 week stretch, maybe, just maybe I will pop in a wad of big league chew, for old time sake.