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A Prince, a pauper, and Victor(y)

Some may wonder how another Fielder ends up in Detroit. I often wonder if Scott Boras has a hotline to Mike Illitch’s checkbook. ┬áBut this much I know, Illitich craves a World Series win, and he has wanted little prince on his team since, well, he was little prince.

“I know Mr. Ilitch is probably excited,” Cecil Fielder said. “He’s been wanting that kid since he was a little kid, so he finally got his wish.”

And there a lot of haters out there right now of this deal, but just step back a minute and think about this…..

The Tigers were 11th in total team salary last year at 105 million…behind the likes of the White Sox, the Cubs, the Mets, and the Twins.

Tigers should be somewhere in 130 million range…Compare a 200+ million payroll for the Yankees, and see how that worked out for them in the playoffs

Tigers will now have 3 players making over 20 million: JV, Miggy, and Prince- not a bad combo, compare that with top 3 of ANY team in majors

Prince has the LEAST number of missed games in MLB since 2006, played EVERY game in 2009 and 2011, and oh, only 161 in 2010…so much for a fatty

Prince has finished 3rd 2x in MVP vote, 4th once

In seven full seasons, Fielder has averaged 38 home runs, 33 doubles and 94 walks a season.

2011- 15 AB/HR, best in NL

Pitch around Prince to get to Miggy? or will it be around Miggy to get to Prince?

So poor poor Victor right? Not likely. If things work out right, Victor will be back in mid september, preparing for another long, and hopefully longer, playoff run.