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I’m back, for now………….lets get in on in ‘tember

miggy bloodylife happens, and then it happens again, then I post again, then the Royals are in first place. What? I feel like it has either been a long time coming, or it is a long strange trip we have been on. Miggy sub par Miggy, JV getting old?, and our retooled lineup, well, getting tooled. I was worried about the Tigers being too old, and even if we whee “faster”, that the younger A’s, Royals, O’s, Angels, etc, would overcome us. BUT, all that being said, I still place my money on the 3 last Cy Youngs, as well as the last 3 MVPs!! I would not bet against the Tigers at this point, and I feel like we still have either a Cy or an MVP coming again this year. Jim Johnson, called up today, should help solidify our weak pen, and once Soria and Anibel male it back…..lets bring back the passion…lets bring back the blood……lets get it on……….its gonna be on in ‘tember!!!!!! Go Tigers!!!


Opening day rotation predictions? Anyone?

If there is anyone out there in cyberland reading me, please feel free to join me in my prediction crap-shoot.  I will start with my view on the rotation.  With 21 days left till opening day, I still reserve the right to change this at any time. Please comment with your predictions too, if you are actually reading this.

1. Justin Verlander
2. Rick Porcello
Ok, that was a no brainer.  
3. Scherzer
4. Bonderman
5. Willis
Not exactly a formidable 3,4,5, but Willis has looked like his old self, minus painful to watch leg kick and look to center field for inspiration windup, with good control, something he lacked wildly last year, pun REALLY intended. I am not happy with Scherzer’s mechanics, or so I have heard.  The couple of innings I watched of him vs the Mets on Saturday where impressive to say the least.
Robertson will be fine in the bullpen, and he may return to the rotation once Bonderman goes down hurt (I predict late April after having a 2-0 start, he will fumble through 2 blowouts then spend the rest of year on/off DL). So Nate, Galaraga, Perry, whose perfect spring was knocked over the fence 3 times on Saturday, although the message boards said he was working on a change-up, and Bonine to the bull pen? Seems to me someone is heading to Toledo.
Coke is a nice option, but I would rather have his solid arm in the bullpen to avenge our 24 blown saves opportunities of last year, 2nd worst only to Seattle, and 64% save percentage. Plus I foresee some 2nd half starts for him too to cover injuries.